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Why Choose WordPress

WordPress has gained a lot of popularity of late when it comes to publishing one’s personal stories or business stories. The other name for such venture is blogs. When one is looking for a publishing platform that is easy to use and does not involve much of the technicalities, you will surely turn to WordPress. The features of WordPress that makes it so popular are:

  • Flexible
  • Ease of use
  • Fast processing and publishing possibilities

There are many easy features of WordPress that makes it a pleasant experience when you wish to indulge in online publishing.


Advantages Of WordPress

There are many blogging software that is easily used. But if you wish to obtain a personalized publishing platform, you might want to turn to WordPress for the number of advantages that it provides:

  • It is easy to edit and publish posts on this platform
  • The articles are easily sorted in different categories
  • You can easily conduct a search within the content you publish
  • The access to the blogs by users can be managed easily
  • The website themes can be changed with the help of numerous templates that are available


How To Go About Installing WordPress

There are installation instructions provided on the official website of WordPress as to how to go about installing the software on your website. Again, many web hosts provide the software for free along with their web hosting plan. There are tools provided for easy installation. When you opt for a web hosting plan that comes with WordPress for free you need not pay additionally for the software. If you are about to try installing WordPress manually, you need to follow the instructions provided on the software’s official website. It is a software that is easily installed and one can get started with its functions and features on their own.


How To Start Creating One’s Blog Site With WordPress

When you have installed the WordPress you can then commence on building the blog. You need to navigate to the login page of WP and then enter the URL of your domain name. Here you need to enter the credentials of your login details. You will then need to enter the Administration arena in the WordPress software. When you wish to start on your posts right away, all you need to do is click on the Posts and then add a new link from the Dashboard. You will then be redirected to the web page where you can start creating your article. Once you have completed creating the blog you simply need to click on the button called Publish. Then the post becomes visible on the front page of the blog with immediate effect.


Ease Of Creating A WordPress Blog

Many claim that it takes a mere few minutes to get started on their WordPress blog. Many have found this platform to be innovative and a great platform in order to publish their content online without having to resort to professional web designers or developers. When you choose a theme on WordPress you will receive a great deal of flexibility as well as features for customization. You are sure to have many hits online as soon as you start off a WordPress blog.


Getting Your Own Domain Name

A unique advantage that comes with a WordPress blog is that you will get the blog to be hosted by yourself with your own name on the blog URL. You will own the blog and the domain unlike other free blogging platform. When you take on a blog on someone else’s domain, it is like taking up rental accommodation. They might change the rules of occupancy any time. They might ask you to leave or they might demolish your house even.


Have A Blog That You Can Own

When you have a WordPress blog you will be able to control the online assets. The blog site is customizable and one can design it or operate it anyway one wish to. You might be a writer or a designer as well as a photographer who wishes to display their skills, express their views or their unique photos. You might want to express your opinion or want others to share theirs on the topic you choose. A blog is a great way to start a conversation and to invite others to participate in it. The WordPress blogs are efficient and cheap as well. You do not need to have special technical skills in order to run a website. It is easy to start a WordPress blog within a matter of minutes. That is why more and more people opt to use WordPress to start their blogging ventures online. Many are even running lucrative online businesses through their blogs hosted though the WordPress platform.

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