In this quick tutorial I will guide you through the process of installing WordPress easily – with just one-click.

Step-by-step Tutorial

1) First of all you need a web hosting provider that has the feature SimpleScripts in the cPanel. I would recommend you to use BlueHost. I host my 5 big sites with them on one account and I’m fine with them. It is a great web host, ideal for WordPress. It is also recommened as #1 WordPress web host on the website.

2) Login to your cPanel account and click the Simple Scripts icon:

Wordpress Installation Tutorial - step 1

3) Then click WordPress:

Wordpress Installation Tutorial - step 1

4) Click the Install button:

Wordpress Installation Tutorial - step 1

5) Now choose the WP version that you want to install. Of course I recommend the latest. Choose your domain on which you want to install WordPress.

In the “Advanced Options” you can set your blog name and your username and password for the WP admin panel. Or you can set all this later, when your blog is installed. If you don’t select a username, the default username will be “admin”.

Then just check the box “I have read the terms and conditions of the GPL v2 license” and click Complete:

Wordpress Installation Tutorial - step 1

6) Now you will have to wait a few seconds while WordPress installs automatically and you are done.

7) Finally, get a WordPress theme that will fit your needs. For free and premium WordPress themes, you can search Google. Download free WP templates, buy a premium one or hire me to design a custom one for you.

8) If you want to customize the WP theme that you have chosen (e.g. to make it look more like a website and not like a blog) check out my other website tutorial on how to create website using WordPress.

And that’s it. Best of luck with your new WordPress blog!


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